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All Your Portfolios In One Place.

Over 2000 calculations performed so you can visualize your portfolio. Easily connect all your brokerage accounts and view them all in one gorgeous, powerful dashboard.

Interact With Top Investors

Nvestly ranks investors by returns for various time periods. Find out what they're holding and follow their investment activity.


Invest With Your Friends

See who else holds what you hold and get notified when someone you follow posts a new trade. Nvestly never reveals how much was invested.

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Peace of Mind.

No Dollar Amounts Are Ever Shown.

It's not about how much you have, it's what you do with it. Nvestly shows everything in terms of percentages. Nobody ever sees how much you are investing.

Bank-Level Security.

We use technology developed by Intuit and 256-bit level encryption to securely connect with brokerage. That's the same level of encryption complexity required of most banks.

Control Your Privacy.

Keep your profile private or public, just like Instagram or Twitter. If you have a private profile, only those you approve can see your activity.

Protected by bank-level security.

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